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Wecome to Streat

We help the food lovers find and savor their choice of Surat’s celebrity street food.

Our Story

Ronak had just returned after spending more than 5 years away from Surat in 2012, and during one of the nights, he was riding around the city, earnestly looking for a place to eat. His disappointment of not finding a place to eat turned out to be the reason why Streat exists today. It was at that moment he realized the lack of a platform which would assist you locate any street vendor across the entire city who provides you the dish of your choice.

But Ronak’s idea was still just an idea and he never gave a serious thought to it. And Streat was unfinished product for 5 years until 2017.

This year, he had a detailed discussion about the idea with his close friends, and decided to go ahead with it. And from a vague thought, a company called Streat was born!

Our Point of Difference

Streat is different from any other similar platform in 3 ways:

Organize and Digitalize

A substantial number of Indian culinary talent is wasted, which could have otherwise been famous, solely because the street food sector is not organized. We, at Streat, not only aim to organize the street vendors but also equip them with the skills which will help them understand and efficiently use digital payment platforms and promote their business online.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Everybody’s primary concern when they decide to eat at a Street vendor is hygiene. The Streat App will empower the users to rate every vendor’s hygiene and how also clean do they keep their surroundings. Every rating will be given special attention and ……


We believe in a “win-win” strategy. Our goal is not only to provide users with a platform where they can easily locate street vendors but we also want to promote the Zayka of Indian Street food and help our talented vendors earn a name and live a better life.

What’s in a Name?

Naming our service Streat has a connection with what our street vendors always cater us with; a savoring treat on the streets, and that is the rationale behind naming our service as Streat- a tasteful treat on the street!

We spent a lot of time with our web designers designing a beautiful and relevant logo and application.

Our Vision Statement

Streat will be the preferred choice for anybody who wants to find the perfect street food experience across Surat.

Our Mission Statement

Streat aims to be the connecting bridge that is missing between the street vendor and the consumer. We take pride in delivering a service that will not only connect you with your preferred street vendor, but also digitalize our street vendors, make constant efforts to make them more sensitive towards cleanliness and hygiene, and thereby ensuring a Swachh and Swasth Surat!

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